Panama Rasgullay

There was a time when Mooti choor’s laddu were the most famous sweets in Pakistan. But since May 2017, the Panam rasgullas of two Khwajas of Noon league have become even more famous than Mooti choor. It is true that Mooti choor’s laddu are delicious beyond comparison but the value added quality that Panama rasgullay bring to the table are just unimaginable.

The biggest advantage that the panama rasgullay hold over poor Mooti choor is that their heavenly taste lingers on for exactly 58 days. The consumer can continue to enjoy the amazing panama delight for steady 58 days for the price of one rasgulla. And even after 58 days the panam rasgulla doesn’t stop to surprise you. If you remember a toffee from the childhood which used to be sweet in the beginning but would turn extreme bitter as you suck it a little, making your prankster friends laugh at you while you make funny faces, well that’s exactly what the panama rasgullas have brought for you. Right after 58 days they turn extremely bitter changing the taste of your mouth, giving you a sudden surprising diarrhea and gas. It sure feels a little uneasy and messy but its good entertainment for your friends and spectators watching you bloat and burp.

Another brilliant quality of Panama Rasgulla is that it makes you high. You don’t need to buy weed for straight two months after eating one rasgulla. All the troubles from your lives will just fade away and everything will look perfect as heaven. You will sing ,twist and dance for two months and will only be aware of the realities of life after two months. But no harm right? you can have another rasgulla after two months and experience high once again.

All the mithai faroosh of Pakistan are worried about this 3rd generation rasgulla. And are planning to give a dharna in front press club Lahore. Their only demand from is  Noon league to release the recipe of this magical Panama rasgulla.


Right after eating Panama Rasgullay.


After 58 days(Rasgulla’s turning bitter)


High on Rasgulla.


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