Slash the cancer not the whole body.

The truth has finally become clear to the MQM supporters and voters, and if you think thoroughly, it is a big deal. Never in the history of MQM have we witnessed the MQM supporters denounce their leader in any case, they would go any lengths to defend Hussain’s stance no matter how smudged it was. We have witnessed many occasions when whole of the Karachi would be shut down if anyone dared to speak up against Altaf Hussain. Nobody would deny that the bond of MQM supporters was very different from any other political party and its leadership. People wouldn’t even mind turning to violence to stop voices against Altaf Hussain. It won’t be wrong to say that people loved Altaf hussain unconditionally, and didn’t even leave him even after he had broken their trust so many times, it was only after this irreversible incidence that they finally decided to give up on him, and all for good.

The question to ponder however is about the fate of post Altaf MQM. Many of people think that it should be totally banned, their national and provincial members be deprived of their seats, and article 6 be filed against the whole of MQM leadership. But is it really going to be helpful? Is it really going to be good for a peaceful Karachi and peaceful Pakistan?

We all know that Urdu speaking community of Karachi shares a special bond between them, they have a stronger sense of belonging to each other than rest of the ethnic identities. And this Urdu speaking majority of Karachi considers MQM to be its true representation. And we all know that whenever there is a trouble against MQM, it is considered to be a trouble against all of the Urdu speaking community of Karachi and it causes a sense of panic and frustration in all the Muhajir community. So the question that we should really ask is that is it worth upsetting all of them? Won’t it hurt us all if we push them all to the limit that they really begin to ponder if there were some reasons behind Altaf’s controversial stance?

I think the natural way is the best way, and if they are realizing it themselves that Altaf Hussain, once considered their identity is a bad omen to them, we shouldn’t stand in the way of the natural order of things rather we should show our support and love to them. It’s never a good idea to rub something in opponents face when he is already realizing that he was wrong. It could make him stick to his wrong opinion out of ego. And be assure that rubbing Altaf Hussain in the face of whole MQM would not benefit any of us.

We all know that it is an unprecedented event in the history of MQM, and we should not doubt their intentions. And if we do doubt their intentions then that won’t be fair on our part, and the reason that I say so is that in the recent past we did give a chance to the deviated ex MQM leaders who made a new party named as Pak Sar Zameen Party. If Mustafa Kamal and his colleagues have the right to get another chance after defending Altaf’s quisling speech in India, and defending MQM after 12 May, why Farooq Sattar and his colleagues shouldn’t be given another chance after they have categorically denounced Altaf and have broken all the connections with MQM London.

Another perspective on this issue would be to think of this situation as if you are in Sattar’s feet. If you are loyal to your community and if you want to help them, won’t you want to do the same thing? Would that be better to break the party and let the Urdu speaking voters wander around in hopelessness? Or would that be better to slash the cancerous part of the party and build the confidence of his people once again.

No matter how much we all hate MQM and their policies, one thing that we cannot deny is that there are some brilliant, young, energetic, educated and patriots who belong to the middle class in the party. They were given this opportunity by the party. We don’t know of many parties in Pakistan who give chance to the unknown middle class people to rise high among their ranks. These people have their affiliations and feelings attached to the party and we should respect it. And if they are willing to correct their mistakes, we should be compassionate about it. Long live Pakistan.





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