Crisis is a teacher, respect it.

Writing is what makes me feel liberated, it slows down the pace of my life and makes me feel free of all troubles. Past few days have been immensely hectic, with problems in production, the customer had made our lives hell. Days, nights, weekends were all alike and the fire fighting against the bugs continued regardless of the constraints of time and space. The times like these make you believe in the Murphy’s intellect and most importantly his laws:

  1. Things will go wrong in any given situation, if you give them a chance.
  2. Whatever can go wrong will go wrong.

There is no doubt about the above laws and that is why they are called Murphy’s laws and not Murphy’s theories. However I think, had Murphy been a Computer scientist he would have proposed another law:

3. Whatever cannot go wrong on your machine will and must go wrong on client’s machine.

Too bad he was an aeronautical engineer and missed on one of the most important law.

Anyways, in times like these when things are going wrong one after another, and you have a lot of pressure on you to fix things up, the probability of you making mistakes increases, and the cushion of making mistakes decreases. That is when your team matters the most because that is when you need your team the most. Now if your team is not helping at all and they believe on the philosophy of “every man for himself “, then you are all doomed. But if you are lucky enough to have a supportive team like me, then your problems become easy, and all of you together are able to put the fire out. Not only you are able to do your job well but you enjoy the thrill of fire fighting during all this period. No matter how much you complain at the outside, inside yourself you know that it was fun and that you have achieved something.

The things that you learn after the crisis has passed is that you start to believe in yourself , you start to trust your instincts and intuition, you know that if anything like that comes up again , you will be able to deal with it. And that is one hell of a quality to ask for.

The other thing that crisis teaches you is that you are at your best when you are calm, so whenever a crisis hits you and you are overwhelmed with the things , you should take a break. Sometimes a walk of few minutes can give you brilliant ideas to fix the issue, that otherwise you wouldn’t have come up with.

The last thing that you should know is that when the crisis ends, you should find a little time for yourself ,do whatever you like ,party hard if you want, or if you want to rest then sleep like a dog (I have no idea if the dogs sleep that long, it just sounded good so I wrote). And most importantly enjoy whatever you are doing.






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