Welcome Aboard Mates !

Most of the software engineering jokes are totally lame but they do make us curve our cheeks a little. Like this one “There are only 10 types of guys in this world, those who understand binary and those who don’t” a normal guy would start wondering about rest of the eight guys, but a software engineer would look at this joke, smirk a little (not because this is funny in any way) but because it gives him a pleasure to know that only he could understand it.

Well I don’t mean to say that there are no good jokes, but most of them would make us only smirk a little bit and a very few of them would make us go “ha”. And to be honest I don’t remember the last time I heard an IT joke that made me burst into laughter. I guess only dirty jokes have this super power to make you ROFL. (On a side note I once caught a friend of mine red handed sending “lol” with a very serious face.I confronted him and he said he had caught me doing the same thing several times.Before that I used to trust lols, but not anymore)

In my professional experience of working with the first ever software house of Pakistan, I have noticed that there are 10 (two) types of guys in IT, one who are passionate about their jobs, they love what they do, the derive pleasure from it, they enjoy the company of their colleagues, go out and have fun with them and take everything lightly. And then there is the other type who are always and always complaining(complaining is a light word I should use whining) about each and everything, nothing in this world can make them happy, no matter what they get, they will always find out a reason to complain.These kind of people are always unhappy and unsatisfied and wherever they go they spread they carry this aroma with them.
Now when you are working in the professional environment you have to interact with everybody in your team and out of your team. You cannot just tell somebody “hey man you suck, I can’t stand your presence around me, go hang around with your own gloomy types”. There is something special about these types of guys though, they are really easy to talk, because naturally people like to complain a little, so whenever they meet you and start complaining about something, you will find it pretty easy to find reasons of your own and hence the conversation would be prolonged and you will kind of bond with them.But when you meet the next few times and they still will be complaining about how the new HR policy sucks, and how the manager did this and that, you will have a sudden moment of enlightenment and you will realize “Oh so he belongs to the gloomy caste ! I have been tricked”. And now all of a sudden their presence would start to become a burden on you, and you would like to avoid them.

On the other hand the fun guys would also complain, but they would do it in a fun way.Like in IT industry late sittings are very common, I have seen guys staying in office for several days without even leaving for a second, sleeping in the manager’s cabin for few hours, and working on the critical issues rest of the time.But they derived so much sense of accomplishment and pleasure from the completion of the task, that they would proudly tell everybody in a very fun way how they spent three days in a row in the office and how they accomplished the task. They would feel satisfied at the end, everybody would know they contributed to the organisation and everybody would appreciate their efforts and I have seen the rules being bent for these guys.

These guys bond with each other really well and enjoy their time at work, they understand it well, that time won’t always give you what you want, so you better find a way yourself to spend it in a good way. They know that complaining and whining about things would only make things worse, it will destroy the tempo of all the team.If they have a concern they share it with the right person at the right time.

When I was going home for the first time after my job, I met a guy who was also working in the same industry, he was sitting right next to me, I like to talk to people so we started the conversation, and during the conversation he poses a question to me “Isn’t job tough, I am tired of this routine ?” and I responded without a second “I don’t even want to think about this, because the day I started to think so, that day my job would become tough for me” and he was taken aback, but I knew I had said the right thing.

Now to all the guys who have just graduated, I would like to extend my deepest sympathies, I mean congratulation you freaks, you have done a great job, you have made us all very proud, just remember do what you love to do, enjoy every bit of it, and I have already warned you about a specific caste of people, don’t be like them, ever.Best of luck for your futures.






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