Being in his shoes

How difficult would it be if I told you to gather 1 million rupees? pretty damn tough right? Now imagine you had to gather tens of billions of rupees, what would you probably  do? You would go to people spread your arms in front of them, and ask for money. And you wouldn’t only have to go to a certain land, you would have to go to different areas, all over the world to gather that kind of money.Now consider you had other projects that also require tens of billions of rupees, would you have time left for doing anything else? No, you would be asking for money 7 days a week and 12 months a year.

Now consider all this money that you are gathering is not for yourself but for the social welfare projects that you are building. You would probably have the energy for gathering this kind of money for once, but would you do this every year, till you are alive just to see the smile on the faces of ordinary people?

And now consider you have opponents, and they are not just ordinary opponents, they are opponents with power, the strongest people in the whole country, and they are trying to malign you just for the sake of politics. They wrongly  blame you of being deceitful with people’s money, although you had never done so, and although you did all this with the purity of intentions, wouldn’t you be disheartened ? wouldn’t you be hurt?

You are doing all of this for others, not even for yourself, and yet the opponents are so disgraceful that they wouldn’t even leave your social work alone. But the important question is would you still go on and help other people in all this crisis? Even if you wanted to do this by heart, would you have the energy and stamina to still go on out of your way to help other people?

There is a man I know who does all of this.And I feel proud that he belongs to my country.Do you know him? If you do, I just want you to be in his shoes for few minutes in your imaginations.